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Fireforce Technology develops clean and effective biomass combustion processes that emits ultra-low pollutant levels. We develop our own models of wood burners adapted to your application.

Our Story

Fireforce Technology is born from the invention of a biomass combustion process releasing ultra-low pollutant emissions. The later was invented in 2012 by André Van der Veken, while developing a wood charcoal generation process with its company, Carboforce. The process has been improved and developed since then. Demonstrating the good results of the process, Carboforce has split its activities in 2016, and transferred the combustion process patented intellectual property to the new-born company Fireforce Technology, that has officially been created mid-2018. While doing so, new manpower was being included in the technical development, as partners were testifying the advantages and potential of the combustion process. Through the years, Fireforce Technology has developed within its team a solid culture and knowledge of the wood combustion processes and its different phases, enabling Fireforce Technology machines to achieve the best performances and the lowest pollutant emissions for your wood combustion application.

Our Project

Our goal is to include our technology in every wood burner and to consequently limit drastically their emissions of pollutants, while substituting our solutions to previous fossil fuel technologies. Our prototypes have been tested so far from 10 to 100 kW and our combustion process seems to be scalable from a few kilowatts to the megawatt heating power scale with no major obstacle. As we aim first at the heating district market and the market of the industry processes over 500 kW of heating power, we are currently developing a 500kW wood chips heater external module to be plugged onto industrial processes and heating district networks. We are active also in product development projects with your compagnies to develop for you the wood burners you need in your applications.

Our Technology

Our wood burner and combustion process allow to build machines typically:

  • smaller and cheaper, as they need no filter.
  • with better efficiencies, running with extra-low oxygen excesses.
  • with higher flexibility with the fuel, notably a much wider range of compositions, types, and humidity (humidity level above 55% accepted).
  • with wider range of power modulation at appropriate efficiency than current products on the market (up to 1 to 8 or 1 to 10 times).
  • with less maintenance.
  • that allows CHP, or combined cold, heat, and power generation in a much easier and simpler manner;
  • with easier condensation of the fumes.

The unique advantages of our technology are testified by our preliminary results, obtained with our demonstrators during external and independent measurement campaigns.

Our Team

Fireforce Technology is led by André Van der Veken, inventor of the technology. Currently, the Fireforce Team counts 6 skillful engineers and/or specialists of wood combustion processes.

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